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Company History

Transportation Logistics Systems Inc (TLSI), was founded in 1992 serves as a third-party logistics provider offering customers full-service shipping and warehousing resources. TLSI encompasses a culture of caring. Our motto Our Role is to Keep Your Freight Rolling, is supported in our method of servicing our customers. Our brokerage firm takes the time to learn our customer’s objectives, what is important, understanding any risks, and how to build a partnership. We understand that a positive experience matters, and this is central in how TLSI provides logistics solutions. ​

TLS is poised for steady expansion of services and customer base, sustaining the steady growth experienced over the last three decades. As technology changes the industry; as new business management practices affect shipping patterns; and as changing market conditions require flexibility, TLSI is ready to meet each challenge.

It is our role to provide accurate transportation services, with informative communication ​ which allows our customer to have an efficient supply chain, saving them time and money.​

We’re on it!

We now live in a world that recognizes the critical role that transportation & logistics plays in keeping our population healthy and our economy thriving. It takes commitment throughout the supply chain to achieve this goal. We look forward to the opportunity to demonstrate to you, how TLSI cares for its customer’s and their freight. Please email us at team@translogsys.com or call our office at 816-931-9479.

Company Milestones

  • 1992 – Founded Transportation Logistics Systems, Inc. Brokerage Services MC #261628
  • 2005 – Purchased equipment for dedicated fleet business with FedEx® Custom Critical
  • 2015 – Founded Cayman Express LLC., and acquired our own Carrier Authority: MC #898650, USDOT #2571418


“How did you get into the trucking business?”

I hear this a lot. I got in to transportation out of high school, knowing it wasn’t in the cards for me to go to college. I worked for a large very innovative truck line, who back in the late 70’s was shipping their trailers on the rail. I was exposed to all the Class 1 railroads, and ultimately that exposure helped me establish some strong relationships with the railroads.

We have gone from offering strictly over the road services, to transitioning to about 25% rail and 25% dedicated fleet. We have managed distribution for job sites, warehoused for McDonalds, and several others, and many other significant tasks for our customers to allow them to focus on their core strengths.

– Melody WarrenFounder & President

We are proud of our ‘old-fashioned’ business attitude.

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